Friday, September 14, 2012

Old Senate Chamber Architectural Advisory Committee

Yesterday, September 13th, was the second meeting of the Old Senate Chamber Architectural Advisory Committee held in the Chamber. The basis for this meeting was an introduction to John Mesick and Mark Wenger, from the firm Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects, who have been been selected as the lead architects for the upcoming restoration. Offering a fresh perspective and new insight into this historic space, coupled with years of experience working with comparable buildings, we are thrilled to have the Mesick and Wenger team on board and are looking forward to working with them. 

From left: Marcia Miller, Md. Historical Trust; Mark Wenger, Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects; John Larson, Vice President for Restoration Old Salem, Inc.; Peter Pearre, Trostel & Pearre, Architects. 

Open discussions regarding ongoing archival research and specific elements in the space, as well as a walk around to examine the remaining architectural evidence resulted in a wonderfully productive meeting. This meeting was a demonstration of a successful collaboration among leading experts in the field of architectural history, historic preservation, and the decorative arts.

Committee Members:

Chair: W. Peter Pearre, AIA
             Trostel & Pearre, Architects

Edward A. Chappell, Roberts Director of Architectural and Archaeological Research, 

             Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Lynne Dakin Hastings 

             Historic Interiors and Interpretative Specialist

John C. Larson, Vice President of Restoration

              Old Salem, Inc.

Calder Loth, Senior Architectural Historian 

              Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Hugh C. Miller, FAIA, former Chief Architect, National Park Service and former director,

              Virginia Department of Historic Resources

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