Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mapping Jefferson in Annapolis

George Washington wasn’t the only founding father who famously visited the Maryland State House. In previous blog posts, we have talked about Thomas Jefferson, his visit to the dome with James Madison, and his involvement in planning the resignation ceremony. Just in time Jefferson’s 272nd birthday on April 13, Maryland’s retired state archivist, Dr. Ed Papenfuse, has now given some insight into Jefferson’s entire time in Annapolis, in his blog, Reflections by a Maryland Archivist.

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson shortly after being appointed as a minister to France, by Mather Brown, 1786. Image courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery.

If you’re like us and need your fix on colonial Annapolis history while we wait for the Old Senate Chamber to open, or even are just hoping for a little bit of history on your downtown walking tour this spring, we highly recommend this read on Jefferson’s appearance in Maryland history, and the buildings that remain today. You can check it out here!