Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

While Thanksgiving was not officially declared a national holiday until 1863, several days during and after the Revolutionary War were designated as days of thanksgiving. The Continental Congress issued many Thanksgiving Proclamations between 1774 and 1789 in honor of military victories during the war.[1] As president, George Washington declared the first national day of Thanksgiving in 1789.

To celebrate, we hope you enjoy trying this eighteenth-century recipe for Molly Ridout’s herb soup!

Herb soup recipe in Molly Ridout's handwriting, c.1765-1775. Maryland State Archives, MSA SC 371-0-2-9.

To make an Herb soup.
a quart of Beans
a small piece of any kind of meat
a bunch of Herbs two roots of every kind except Turneps, put but one Turnep
a small Head of Cabbage cut round all the roots & Cabbage to be fried brown in Lard.
a slice of Bread, toasted, cut, and put in
two heads of Cellery put in raw
two heads of [Spinach]
then mash the Beans thro a Sifter
then put it on altogether to boil with Pepper & Salt till the roots are tender
a little brown Sugar & a little Wine

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